Looking to invest in cannabis real estate? Our geospatial tool helps you find the perfect geographic area and property for your business. We make it easy to visualize laws and understand the economics of the cannabis industry, allowing you to focus on getting your business up and running smoothly.

What is the CannabisPropertyTool?

The Cannabis Property Tool is a powerful tool that helps you find an ideal location for your cannabis business. It uses geospatial mapping technology and real estate data to visualize jurisdictional cannabis zoning requirements and market analysis. This interactive map improves the accuracy and speed of locating your next cannabis business.

Our map is fully customizable, allowing you to have control over your own data and run analysis to suit your needs.

Easily View and Navigate

  • Cannabis zoning laws
  • Sale and rental properties
  • Property information
  • Market analysis
  • Income and population
  • Drive time analysis

who would use it

Cannabis Industry proffesionals

Cannabis Lawyers

Our map will providing clear and up-to-date information on local regulations and designated areas for cannabis-related businesses, helping them navigate the permitting and compliance process and advise their clients accordingly

Cannabis Consultants

Our map will help consultants with market analysis by providing clear, location-specific information on regulations and designated areas for cannabis-related businesses

Cannabis Real Estate Brokers

Our map will help brokers identify profitable cannabis-related business opportunities

Cannabis Businesses

Our map will help dispensary, cultivation, distribution and growers identify their next ideal location